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Monday, November 17, 2014

Question Regarding Justice and Mercy of God in Regards to Homosexuality

Cèad mìle fàilte romhat! A hundred thousand welcomes to you!
There is a blog that has a letter written by "Angela." She is struggling with a teenage daughter who is attracted to other females. How can she reconcile the love she has for her daughter and yet, at the same time, know that G_d does not approve of these types of relationships? Angela loves her daughter dearly. She ponders over how the Messiah could reject such a sweet, kindhearted person? If anyone wants to read that letter, the blog, "How to Respond When Your Child Says They're Gay" is found by clicking the link. 
I can understand the struggle that Angela is going through. I know someone who is going through the same struggle that Angela and her husband is going through. How does one choose between Christ and their own child?
Just to give an example of what I am talking about, suppose my child robbed a bank and killed a guard in the process. Clearly, what my child did was wrong. Does this mean that I cannot speak on my child's behalf? Perhaps, he was desperate. He wouldn't normally steal anything, much less kill anyone. As a kid, he wouldn't hurt a fly. Then one day, he got sick. Medical doctors gave him pain medication that eventually became an addiction. When the doctors stopped the prescriptions, the child did what he could to manage the his pain.
Yes! Robbing a bank is bad! Killing someone is even worse! One can always return the money (with interest), but if someone dies, you cannot replace a life.
Do I, as a parent, have any right to speak for my child? If so, would a judge consider these circumstances when figuring a sentence that shows justice for everyone? I know the family members of the guard will feel differently and that is understandable. When faced with a choice between that guard and my son, well, honestly, I'm relieved that my son still lives, but I also grieve for the other family.
Now, let us suppose that this judge is G_d and instead of theft and murder, we are talking about homosexuality. Would G_d, being fair that we all know He is, realize that justice without mercy would be the same punishment for everybody across the board? If so, then no one is saved, for we are all sinners.
G_d has in times past shown mercy to those who I feel didn't deserve it, like that thief on the cross. A lifetime of stealing and causing mayhem, yet one statement guaranteed his entrance into Paradise. Therefore, G_d is also merciful along with being just. If G_d shows mercy towards thieves and murderers, would He not also show mercy for gay men and lesbians? Being all knowing and all wise, I can trust in the fact that G_d really knows what is going on inside a person's heart; because life is rarely black and white. There is always the other side to the story.
Then, there is a question regarding homosexual relationships and sin. Despite the many texts used in Scripture to show that homosexuality is a sin, it does remain unclear if some of these texts may be speaking about promiscuity and/or sexual exploitation. In other words, a lifetime commitment of love and intimacy between two adult persons not related to each other might not be a sin at all. The Reformed Celtic Church has an article that explains this in further detail. The article is called, "The Reformed Celtic Church Statement and Policy on Homosexuality and Same-Gender Marriage." 

Of course, one suspects that if mercy comes with justice, then one could come to the conclusion that all will be saved. There is an actual concept in historical Christianity that is commonly called "Universal Salvation." There is an article that explains the history of Universalism in Christianity. Again, just click the link. 

The Messiah was quoting Hosea 6.6 here.
When it comes down to it, the letter kills, but spirit gives life (2 Corinthians 3.6)

Thanks for listening. May the peace of our Messiah and Mary be with you and your loved ones.